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Why us?

We began our operations in the 1980s. After 2000 we began to specialize in custom yachts, which are individual pieces of yachts made on special orders. In 2006 Hausboot was created, which was developed and built by our company.

In 2008 we developed the Manta 32 motor yacht project and built this yacht from the ground up.

We are able to build yachts, hausboats and motorboats starting from the project to the complete equipment.


Our story

We are a private company, which was established in 1998 by Grigorij Shenkman company’s Owner&CEO. Star investments due to is profession focuses on water cooled electric engines.

Company’s first steps with electric engines were made 10 years ago, in 2004. After testing first prototype of engine, our expectation were clearly unsatisfied. Since that very moment, back then company has gained more experience and the most important: Motivation which leads us to a place where we are now.

Thanks to cooporation with a German engine producer, we can offer your a wide range of all types of electric motors made with passion. Engines are produced in Germany.