E-TECH is the sponsor of PWR Solar Boat Team

E-TECH is the sponsor of PWR Solar Boat Team

We support the best

We like challenges. That is why we are the sponsor and partner of the PWR Solar Boat Team.

PWr Solar Boat is an initiative created in 2018 by Flow and “Płomień” (“Flame”) student science clubs, that are working by the Department of Power and Mechanical Engineering in Wroclaw University of Science and Technology.
The idea of growth of ecological consciousness joined with passion for new technologies created a very strong drive to design and construct a solar powered electric racing boat. Our team built a six-meter long hull from scratch on its own. Electro section looks for most durable and efficient solar panels available, keeps working on boat steering system and embedded electronics communication system. The vessel will be equipped with hydrofoils, which in turn will allow the hull to fly just above the water surface. The team also works on an innovative steering system – one of the axes will be controlled only by the computer. That solution will support the pilot’s safety and boat’s energy efficiency.
One of the most  important components of the boat is its motor. Great power and performance will be guaranteed by brushless DC motor provided by E-Tech company.  With the technological advantages and innovation we aim to win the competition in Netherlands – Solar Sport One in May and in USA – Solar Splash in June 2020, that will hold us as the first non-USA team ever.
Thank to the good team and hard work we believe to reach our goal.

E-TECH electric drives

PWR Solar Boat Team wants to compete in the most prestigious competitions in the world – that’s why they reached for electric drives No. 1 – E-TECH