Ultra modern electric engines to be mounted on the propeller shaft. Fit any engine bed, and any propeller shaft. With shaft endings on both ends of the engine to make an easy and quick in-line hybrid configuration.

  • Brushless, perm.magnet electric engine (BLDC). The engine works inboard.
  • The engine is fully maintenance free and has a heavy thrust bearing installed
  • A standard shaft f 25mm (4 WG, 7 WG) or f 30mm(10 WG, 15 WG, 20 WG), 8mm spline is fitted, that makes hybrid use very easy

Motors parameters

Motor Voltage kWatt* RPM Controller Motor
4 WG 48 4,3 1100 Air Water
7 WG 48 7,1 1200 Air Water
10 WG 48 10 1290 Air Water
15 WG 72 15 1940 Air Water
20 WG 96 21,3 2610 Air Water

*kWatt measured on the shaft. Representative values only. values may vary depending on the motor.

Complete system inclusive:

  • Inboard motor (IP67)
  • Appropriate motor controller
  • Comprehensive display with battery monitor
  • Complete integrated water cooling with Quick-Click connections
  • Throttle (side or top mounting)
  • Ignition with a key 
  • Data cable from controller to engine (standard 2 meter),
    with non-mistakable plug
  • Data cables between controller and steering position (standard 5 meter),
    with unmistakable plugs
  • Main switch
  • Main fuse
  • User manual and installation schedule

Nb. Propeller to be ordered separately

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