Newspaper advertisement: New dealer agreement

Newspaper advertisement: New dealer agreement

Dealer agreement between:

MÖRER Schiffselektronik and E-TECH Electric Drives.

E-TECH is a polish company producing since 2009 electric drives, is pleased to inform that the contract has been concluded with a respected Mörer company from Hamburg. From now they will be distributing E-TECH electric drives in Northern Germany.

Mörer Schiffselektronik company shows its presence in shipping world for many years and it is one of  the largest suppliers and installers of marine electrics and electronics  in Germany. Taking into consideration a wide range of assortment and its reliability, dependability, productivity and many years of experience, Mörer Schiffselektronik decided to launch the E-TECH products into the offer. E-TECH electric drives are a perfect complement of Mörer Schiffselektronik range.

Strong reputation and professional knowledge of Mörer Marine Electronics is a quarantee for E-TECH will be represented with a great professionalism and skill.

We are looking forward fruitful cooperation between Mörer Marine Electronics and E-TECH Electric Drives.

For more information please contact us:

Robert Regenhardta           

+48 500 074 827


Grigorij Shenkman
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